Busch... Black Beauty!

One of the finest, handsomest and lightest Press Cameras at that time was the Busch Model "C". The beauty of its chrome parts, shining in the diffuse light against a black background emphasizing the quality of timeless design and smart engineering by the Busch Precision Camera Corp. Chicago Ill. USA, somewhere in the fifties of the last century.

This Pressman is a 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" (6 x 9 cm) miniature press type camera; a miniature to the Pressman 4 x 5" and quite a bit lighter in weight. Developed by Busch Optical Mfg. Co. in Chicago Illinois. It was inspired by similar press type cameras made by Graflex, including the Kalart Rangefinder, but designed with a wider range of movements than its mentor. It features a great range of lens movement: downward fall (with the drop bed), rearward tilt, rising front, and lateral shift. The spring back includes miniature focusing hood and ground glass. This particular camera lacks the original Busch Vue Focus but instead is equiped with the Kalart optical rangefinder. The Pressman uses standard 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" film holders. A nice leather strap holder completes this beautiful camera. Focusing is one of the most important steps in the technique of good photography. You have three methods at your fingertips with this Model D.  Controlled by the left and right hand focusing knobs you can operate the focusing scale with a cursor similar to that of a slide rule, the focus ground glass screen with hood and the Kalart optical rangefinder. The sports as well as the view finder is indispensable for fast work at street and sport events. Placing  your eye directly behind the eye piece on the back of the camera, the lifted front frame includes the actual picture area.



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