The Van Neck Press Camera

Van Neck Press Camera

VanNeck London

Quarter Plate 3 1/4 x 4 1/4

Professional Photographers telling about their experiences with the VanNeck Camera:

Rob Walls-Photojournalist  Tasmania Australia:

(An historical note: I witnessed what was probably one of the last times a VanNeck was used professionally as a press camera in London in early 1967 when I encountered a photographer called "One-Shot" Charlie Sheldrake using one to cover a photo-call at Number 10 Downing Street.)

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Des Gershon - Solihull England :

"Here's an amusing trio of pictures discovered in an old album found by UK photojournalist Des Gershon. They show a young trainee press-photographer…. Click Here

Ray Bradbury - Cheshire UK:

as an aside.. when I first started as a junior at my local newspaper the Express and Star in Wolverhampton (1958) the Van Neck was now superseded by the Rollei and the miniature 35 mm cameras and the Van Neck was relegated to be used as a copying camera....But at the agency I joined, the Van Neck was still being used as a Sports camera for Football.. and we used to fix the focusing lever on 10 yards and the photographer used to work within those limits...( it was easy for juniors to use and help to keep the action in focus )..Good days... …

I am still working with 45 years under my belt.. how much longer I can go on is anyone's guess.., but out of all that time I spent 23 years working for the Sun newspaper I am now freelancing out of the northwest of England, still working for the National newspapers..

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