Renew the Focal Plane shutter

How to make a new shutter curtain for your Graflex

Restoring a Crown Graphic 

saved from the srabheap.

The reflex Viewer

How to mount a reflex viewer to your Graflex camera

New Bellows
Link to a specialist

Restoring The Anniversary Speed Graphic 

Leather replacement and much more 
Carrying Strap Holder

I'm in need of a new strap holder

5 Ways to Focus

Learn how to focus with your Graflex camera

Adjusting the Top Mounted Rangefinder

learn how to adjust your top mounted rangefinder 

Restoring The Busch

How Cinderella becomes a black beauty.

Restoring The Autograflex Junior  

The metamorphose of a 1912 reflex camera.

The Build in Shutter Release

Detailed instruction how to repair the shutter release.  

Focal Plane Shutter adjustment

You may need this instruction if your shutter is slow or sluggish.

How to make a new strap holder

Learn how easy it is to replace your worn strap holder.

How to make a new Battery Door

Replace your missing battery door of the Top Mounted rangefinder.

How to repair broken rear guides

The ultimate solution for broken rear guides.

How to load a Sheet Film Holder

a must know for anybody who wants to go analogue

How to load the Grafmatic Holder

Indispensable automatic holder for the action photographer 

DIY Home made Lens Hood for the 7" Aero lens

You may need such a hood more often than you imagine.

Refurbishing a Speed Graphic 

Incredible renaissance of a drowned Speed Graphic camera.

If your negatives are fogged how to repair the Bellows

Locating the pinhole. Searching for a needle in a haystack.

Focal Plane Shutter Light Leak

How to find out what's wrong and how to tackle it.

Speeding up the Speed Graphic Camera or how to repair the focal plane shutter 

 brings new live in your dead focal plane shutter 

Suppliers for Film, Parts and Accessories

Useful links to suppliers

Home made lens boards  

How to manufacture lens boards

Kalart rangefinder adjustment 

Indispensable help calibrating your Kalart rangefinder.

Flashing           Flashguns          Bulbs    

Find your way in the world of real classic bulbs   

Film Holders

all you need to know before shooting     


 Learn how to focus the right distance to your subject      

Adjusting Rangefinder for Aero lens

Quite difficult to calibrate

Electronic Shutter-speed test

Electronic shutter tester for the real split second adjustment

Video How to CLA The Graflok  

Often neglected     

1908  Shutter Speed Tester

very interesting historic

Key control functions

shows where to find it

Compound Shutter

watchmakers dream

Portable Darkroom

saves room in your house and peace in your home     

Home Jo Lommen Cameras

Brings you back to the beginning