Before starting some preparations must be made.

Mounting the Grafmatic to your camera.

The Grafmatic film holder is an automatic magazine holding six individual sheets of film.

Besides indicating the exposure number, it has an indicator to tell you whether the film is in the exposed position or covered by the dark slide..

The 4x5 Grafmatic holder has an automatic film sheet numbering system, printing the number on each negative as it is exposed.

The 4x5 Grafmatic holder is not compatible with GRAPHIC Backs.

It is much safer and more practical to unclip the Graflok back from your camera. Put it on a safe place and mount the Grafmatic Holder

directly to the back of the camera using the slide locks to fasten the Grafmatic firmly against the Camera Back as shown on the photo below.

Reason is that the clamping pressure of the Graflok is not always sufficient to hold the Grafmatic Holder firmly against the camera back

 when pulling the dark-slide and pushing it back again.

Check thoroughly if the slide locks are all the way inside the side grooves of the Grafmatic.

The Grafmatic is extremely simple to operate.

But please make sure one the shutters of your camera is open!

Unlike the Crown, the Speed Graphic is equiped with a Front and a Focal Plane shutter.

Decide which one you are preferable going to use and make sure the other shutter is in open position.

The Barrel lenses without their own shutter demands the use of the Focal Plane shutter.

And now how to operate the Grafmatic.


Remove the Grafmatic from the camera.

We are going to exercise without camera or film.


a great advantage is the automatic numbering of your negatives.


Set the knurled slide lock wheel in the open position permitting the dark slide to be pulled out with the handle.

 Just two movements are required: PULL and PUSH.

Photo 2 First check to see that the exposure counter dial at the back is

   turned in such a way that figure "1" appears.

The chrome drawer latch should be in free position.

If the drawer latch does not jumps back in position you may push the dark slide handle firmly back in home position.
The chrome latch will pop back in position.


Photo 3 shows the knurled slide lock wheel in open position.
next unnumbered photos show how to push the chrome latch and draw the darks slide.



Now PULL the dark slide by the handle aIl the way out Photo 5 and PUSH it all the way back again, the first septum is in position.

Note: Do not pull the dark slide while holding the chrome latch against the handle.
It would draw the film compartment out of the holder and fog the negatives inside.

The red dot at the right side of the holder will be uncovered indicating that a film is in position ready for exposure.

After exposure the first film sheet must be moved out of the way.

To do this, press down with your thumb on the chrome latch, holding it against the slide handle, and PULL the entire film compartment all of the way out. Then release the latch and PUSH the entire compartment back in the holder. When it is all of the way in, the exposure counter dial will move to No. 2 and the red dot will be covered indicating that the film is covered and the Grafmatic holder could be removed from the camera if necessary.

If continuing taking photos, the dark-slide should be drawn and pushed back again, which would bring negative number 2 in position.

The red dot is visible which means that the camera is ready to shoot.

The same sequence is followed for all six exposures after which an "X" will show on the exposure counter dial and the slide will be locked into the compartment indicating that you have made six exposures.

Now you can remove the Grafmatic holder from the camera and carry it to the darkroom.

To prevent accidental opening turn the knurled wheel in locked position.

To release the slide for recycling or loading, turn the dial to Number I.



To load the Grafmatic film holder.

To exercise use at least one sheet film.

Set the indicator dial on a number Photo 5, press the chrome latch toward the handle Photo 6 and pull the film compartment out. Hold the compartment in this extended position and PUSH the slide handle in until it releases the chrome latch, then PULL the slide out. The Film septums have springs under them and will pop up. Photo 7. When loading the septums, keep the film notch over the notch at the open edge of the septum Photo 8. Before putting the septums back into the compartment, be sure that the sliding plate, by the felt strip, has been pushed back out of the way, into the end of the film compartment Photo 9. Hold the loaded septums by the edges and with the notched end opposite the slide handle, place them down into the compartment with the edges of the fingers on the septum rails Photo 10. Still holding the two compartments apart as far as possible press the septums down Photo 11while  pushing the dark-slide all of the way into the film compartment Photo 12 which may then be pushed into the rest of the holder until it locks Set the counter dial on No. 1 and you are ready to start shooting.


The 4x5 Grafmcitic has 4 additional features made possible by its larger size. These features are the automatic negative numbering wheel located at the handle end of the picture opening the 3 position slide lock wheel, the white memo tab on the back of the holder, and the holder identifier tab recesses.

1. The automatic negative numbering wheel numbers each film to correspond with the number appearing on the exposure dial at the rear of the holder.

2. The knurled slide lock wheel on the end of the holder has three positions. When this is turned so the red dot shows, it indicates that the holder is loaded and not exposed The intermediate locked position of this wheel can be Used to indicate that the holder is loaded, and the film has been exposed. The unlocked position allows the slide to be pulled out.

3. On the back is a white plastic area upon which identifying data can be written For temporary data use pencil or crayon, for permanent data, use ink

4 Recesses for locating identifying tabs are found at the extreme right and left of the negative numbering wheel GRAF LEX acetate ink or India ink can be used to write on these tabs Cut the tab from a sheet of clear acetate or cleared piece of film and fasten in place with a small drop of household cellulose acetate cement

Suggestions and Tips

You may find it necessary to remove the Grafmatic from the camera without exposing the film which has been shifted to the exposure position. Simply pull the compartment out as though the film had been exposed and likewise shift the other five septums which will bring that film again to the top, but not in the exposure location. At the "X" or arrow setting flip the dial to No. 1 with the edge of the thumb and continue to recycle. This operation can also be done after the other septums have all been exposed, but in any event the Grafmatic holder must be in the camera when the septums are being shifted.

When pulling the slide or film compartment, pull straight outward—not backward—to avoid leverage pressure against the focusing panel or slide locks with attendant danger of light leak.

When the holder is open for loading, note that slight pressure on the button on the underside of the film compartment will release the automatic exposure counter control slide. If the holder is laid on a flat bench, no difficulty will be encountered. Otherwise, it will be necessary to check to make sure that this slide does not extend into the septum chamber before attempting to insert the septums. See Fig. 5.

When loading septums into the film compartment, use the thumb and finger holding them to act as a channel guiding the septums down into place.

All six septums must be in the compartment in order to operate the counting mechanism.

Because of the compact and light-tight design, as well as the movable dark slide feature of the Grafmatic film holder, some care should be exercised in storing or carrying it, to prevent foreign particles from becoming lodged in the front or face of the holder around the edges of the dark slide. It is suggested that the empty holder be blown out occasionally.

When the Grafmatic holder is used in a Graflok Back, slide it under the focusing panel and be sure to lock it in place with the slide locks. If the Grafmatic holder is used in a 21/4 x 31/4 GRAPHIC Back, an additional set of spacer washers may be required beneath the focusing panel springs at the point of attachment to the camera to allow easier insertion of the holder. Since Graphic Backs do not lock the Grafmatic in place, be careful not to pull the holder out during the cycling operation.


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