Missing Battery Door

Due to the poor design of the top mounted rangefinder battery door, the door is often missing when buying a Top Mounted Speed or Crown Graphic camera.

Originally the camera was sold without batteries. Also when not in use for a longer period of time, the batteries were taken out to avoid leaking. To prevent the battery cover door to come off, the rangefinder housing came with a wooden block to replace the batteries. The door is equiped with two springs holding the batteries (or wooden block) tight inside the battery compartment while the door itself lacks a mechanism to hold it on its place .

The original door only fits when batteries are placed

Top Mounted Rangefinder with and without battery door.

Do It Yourself

Battery Door Graflex Top Mounted Rangefinder.

To make your own self locking battery door you need an aluminium strip 2 mm thin. Use a vice to hold the strip. Cut a strip 57 x 15 mm

Cutting the aluminium strip. Note how the new door fits exactly into the notches of the battery holder.

So there is no need anymore for a wooden block to keep the door on its place even if it is not loaded with batteries.

 The original door with springs. The new door doesn't need any springs because it fits exactly into the notches.

Finishing touch: The new door looks very nice when covered with black leatherette.

...and working !

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