Joe Rosenthal




The second flagraising was by far the most famous of the two and is the most famous battle image in modern wartime history. It embodies the fighting spirit and the ideals of teamwork and comradeship that the armed forces hold so dear. The actual photograph was taken by a wartime photographer named Joe Rosenthal who took it without much thought as he grabbed his camera and clipped a quick picture as the six men put up the flag that was to replace the smaller flag atop Mt. Suribachi.

The six men who put the flag up were:
Mike Strank, John Bradley, Harlon Block, Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley, and Rene Gagnon

Of the six flagraisers only three survived to come back home after the battle and raise money through the largest bond tour ever. They are:

Ira Hayes, Rene Gagnon, and John Bradley

The other three were killed in the upcoming parts of the battle fighting to take the airfields and hills. These six men's stories are faithfully told in John Bradley's son's book, Flags of Our Fathers.

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