The Kalart Rangefinder

coupled with

The Kalart Focuspot

for focusing in total darkness or under adverse light conditions.

The newest device from Kalart was used in conjunction with the prism Range Finder and maked focusing easy even in total darkness.

When the Focuspot is switched on, a beam of light is projected though the Range Finder. The light is split in two by the Range Finder and the two beams are projected on the subject to be photographed. The beams act as a guide in locating and CENTERING the image on the ground glass. The focusing knob of the camera is turned in the usual way. When the light beams or is it better to say the two couples of filament are superimposed on the subject, your picture is on sharp focus. The camera may be held at any level.

Focuspot was available in two models:

Model "C"- for use with type improved Kalart Master battery case and battery cases of other makes fitted with a special outlet for the Focuspot.

Model "A"- for use with battery case of Graflex Synchronizer. 


Photo on the left shows  the split image of two filaments. Focus is not sharp. 

Photo on the right shows one superimposed image of both filaments: focus is sharp.


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