The Kalart Rangefinder

How to clean the windows and

Mirrors on the Range Finder.


Climatic and atmospheric conditions may cause the optical elements of the Range Finder to become clouded. This film can be removed from the surface of the glass with a piece of soft dry cotton or lens tissue

Clean carefully and don't rub to avoid disturbing the position of the mirror and the silver coated mirror.


Accessory bracket for mounting

Flash Synchronizer.

The mounting plate attached to the housing of the Range Finder is designed to accept the battery cases of the Kalart Master Speed Flash and the Folmer Graflex Flash Battery Case. To facilitate the attachment of battery cases of other manufacture there is available an accessory slide which fits on the mounting plate and is secured with one screw. The special shoe supplied with most of these other battery cases can be attached to this slide instead of to the Range Finder housing.

Accessory slide                                              The standard Kalart flash mounting plate.                            The Graflite mounting device

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