The Kalart Rangefinder



First of all: Infinity adjustment.

The following 4 steps are to be followed in readjusting the Range Finder for the same lens or another lens:

1) Check infinity focus of lens if necessary relocate camera infinity stops.

2) Set Range Finder for infinity.

3) Adjust Range Finder for 15-25 ft. distances.

4) Adjust Range finder for 4-8 ft. distances

The first step in synchronising the Finder to a lens is to establish the correct infinity position for the lens

if necessary relocate the camera infinity stops

Use a tall building, chimney, flagpole etc. at least mile distant as an infinity target.


There are five different types of Range Finder installations and in the event your Range Finder is out of adjustment at infinity reset it in accordance with the applicable illustration following.

Anniversary Models

On all Anniversary Models of the Speed Graphic Camera, The infinity adjustment is made by turning the eccentric screw (see fig A) attached to the rear of the right runner of the camera track.

Move this screw very slightly back to raise the movable image and forward to lower the movable image.

You can use a dime to turn the screw.

Graflex Miniature Camera

On Miniature Model Speed Graphic Camera, the infinity adjustment is made by Loosening screw no. 10 (see Fig. B) and moving the sliding part no. 11 back to raise the movable image and forward to lower it. Be sure to tighten screw no. 10 after setting this adjustment.

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