Adapt-a-roll 620

It feeds 120 spool but take up spool must be 620

The Adapt-a-roll 620 was designed to take pictures without loosing time changing film-sheet-holders, as advancing the film by turning the knob is far more easy than pulling out the film holder turning it and pushing it back again, not forgetting to push back or pull out the dark slide. On the other hand it must be said, that to advance the film in the 'Adapt-a-roll 620' takes also time and it does not stop automatically after advancing one frame. Apart from that, it's not easy to load the "Adapt-a-roll 620".
1)  since there is no more  "620" film available, one has to spool the "normal" 120 film onto a 620 spool.

*) This seems to be not correct. These holders will feed perfectly well 120 spool , but must take up on a 620 spool. (Dan Fromm)

2)  Threat the 120 paper through the holder and back to the take-up spool.
3)  Close the holder, but leave the dark slide open.
5) Now carefully advance the film by turning the advance knob until the adhesive tape appears. Stop turning the advance knob and close the dark slide.
6) set the frame counter to the black "S" mark.
7) turn the advance knob until the red (1) is opposite the marking line.
8) Ready to shoot your first photo.


 Adapt-a Roll camera sided front. Dark slide runs under the tag.  Size of frame 5,7 x 7 mm. From Rollfilm spool to take up spool   


Counter mechanism inside and outside the 620 roll holder 

Usable Film Holders for your classic camera


Photos Jo Lommen