Manufactured by Harwald Corp. Wickliffe o.

This is how the Kinematic operates.

Following action should take place in the Dark Room;

1) Pull out the dark slide at the same time together with the carrier.

2) After it stops just pull the dark slide

3) Now 10 septums come out.

4) Slide the sheet film into the septums one by one

5) Lay the septums back all together into the carrier with the hole in downwards position. Sheet film should face upwards !

6) While holding the septums down, slide the dark slide back into the carrier

7) Now slide the closed carrier back into the Kinematic housing

Outside the Darkroom

8) Rotate counter to "1"

9) With the holder in the camera pull dark slide out till it stops and "shoot."

10) after exposure push dark slide together with carrier back into the housing.

11) Now pull dark slide together with carrier until it stops and slide it back again.

This might be a little tricky as the dark slide must be pushed back while your fingertips hold the carrier in the closed position. This releases the carrier.

12) After the carrier including the dark slide has been pushed back, you’re ready for the next exposure after pulling the dark slide.

13) The counter now reads no. 2

14) Goto 9)

15) Each time the dark slide is back into the housing it is save to remove the Kinematic from the camera.

The Kinematic consist out of three elements:

The Housing, the Carrier, the Dark slide

plus 10 septums (film sheet holder)



Lay down the septums as shown with hole downwards to housing


While holding down the Septums, slide the dark slide back into the carrier

Usable Film Holders for your classic camera