Eccentric lens board for Wide Angle lens

For use with the Pacemaker Speed or Crown Graphic or the Graphic View camera.


This is an eccentric lensboard to be used with the Graflex Pacemaker Speed or Crown camera. It allows you to rotate the lens about an off center position and thus effectively raise it another 15 mm. This is enough to make use of the image circles of the Graphex Optar f/6.8 90 mm Wide Angle lens. In its highest position there is no more need to drop the bed. The construction is quite odd. Normally the lens boards for use with an Wide Angle lens have one off centre hole. This board however has in fact two or even three holes. In one of these holes the lens can be positioned, while the others are covered with the odd shaped plate. The back side the plate is covered with a kind of black velvet cloth to make it absolutely light tight.

Note the odd shaped hole for eccentric lens mount. You can double the vertical and horizontal adjustment range of a lens used on a removable lens board by mounting it off centre. This is especially advantageous with wide angle objectives that are used on short extensions. 

To permit centering for normal work, the lens should be mounted off centre the same distance the lens front can be raised. With lenses of longer focal length take care to see that the bellows will not cut of any of the image.

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