Graflex at War



This is the historical important  Anniversary Speed Graphic camera which made the first Normandy invasion picture, above, radioed to America. This Speed Graphic Anniversary equipped with Hugo Meyer Rangefinder enclosed by a flash bracket and black crackle hardware was subsequently radio auctioned during the 5th War Loan Drive. It alone accounted for bond sales in excess of 12 million dollars. On the photo on the right, the similar civilian edition with Graphex shutter and Kalart rangefinder out of my camera collection. 
Nowadays we're very used to watch TV and can see what happened the same day far away from home at the theater of war. During world war II people at home would read about it in the papers and magazines the day after and were very pleased with the printed photos.  
Graflex inc. published in a brochure of 1946 : For every phase of the war from treacherous beginning to smashing climax, has been preserved on film. The full impact of the sacrifice and courage which made victory possible will be brought home to succeeding generations by the best of all records, the photograph! 


A Graflex made K-25 Aerial Camera as seen when mounted in a Navy PBY. 

Soldier on military truck with 4x5  Anniversary Speed Graphic.

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