Auto Graflex Junior.

Reflex camera.

Instant Exposures:
Set the "Time / Instant disk" D by pressing the disc down and setting it in position "I".
Move lever (H) backwards for positioning the mirror.
Turn winding key clockwise until the appropriate setting appears in window (F)   

Set tension for the exposure time. Focus on ground glass. Pull dark slide.

Release lever on left side of the camera. This will activate the mirror to pop up and releases the shutter.

Push dark slide back into the holder


By pulling the mirror setting lever H the mirror spring will be loaded and the mirror is brought into its 45 degree position. Pressing the release knob activates the release bar inside the camera and the mirror pops up while the focal plane shutter starts moving along the film. After exposing, the mirror has to be brought back in its position again by the mirror setting lever H. This is a kind of safety device that prevents winding the shutter curtain while the mirror is still in "open" position, thus preventing light to expose the film.

Bearing holder on the left side of the camera which holds the mirror spring.


View inside the camera through the lens board we see the release mechanism bar which holds the mirror in position until the release lever E is pressed down. 

Green velvet on both sides of the mirror absorbs the shock when the mirror pops up on to the frame of the ground glass.


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