Graflex Camera

The Auto Graflex Junior

How to operate.


The manipulation of the Auto Graflex Jr. Camera is extremely simple and by carefully reading its operation will be readily understood.

Open the focusing hood of the camera by unlatching the spring catch C at the top near of handle. Set mirror by pressing lever H down as far as it will go.

The focus is adjusted by turning the large milled head K on the right side of the camera near front. The correct position to hold the camera for general work is against the body. All parts are so engaged that the hands fall naturally into proper position.

Time Exposures

Depress and turn disk D until letter "T" is directly opposite white mark on lever H.

Set mirror by pushing lever H down until it firmly locks. Focus by means of the milled button K.

Wind curtain by turning key A until "T" appears at window F.

If the curtail is already wound and any of the apertures 1 1/2 - 3/4 - 3/8 or 1/8 appears at F, then release the curtain by pushing lever M until letter "T" is shown at window F.

To decrease speed of shutter, release tension of spring by pushing escapement P back and forth.

Pull darks slide

Release mirror by pressing lever E. This is the release lever on the other side of the camera. The mirror pops up.

The exposure is made by one pressure of lever M, which opens the shutter. A second pressure can be immediately made by simple pushing lever M again.

Push dark slide back in holder.

Instant Exposures

Push lever H down until it locks.

Depress disk D and revolve until letter I stands directly opposite the white mark on lever H.

Wind the curtain by turning the key A to the right as indicated by the arrow, until the desired aperture appears at F. The Graflex curtain is made in one long piece and contains apertures varying from "full opening" to 1/8 of an inch. When the letter "O" appears at F, the curtain is wide open. The other apertures "T" (for time exposures), 1  - 3/4 - 3/8 and 1/8 appear in rotation in window F as key A is turned.

For slow instantaneous work set curtain aperture at "O".

 The exposure is made by pressing lever E located on left side of camera.

The rising mirror will open the exposure and the dropping curtain close it giving approximately 1/5 of a second exposure.

Remember the curtain cannot be adjusted first pushing lever H down until it locks.  

Push dark slide back into the holder.

To regulate the speed

To govern the speed, turn milled head B until tension number appear at G.

The numbers run from 1 to 6 the highest number indicating the highest speed.

The following table gives approximate degrees of speed in fractional part of seconds obtainable with the tension number 1 to 6, and the various curtain apertures.

   Curtain aperture

tension nr.

1/8 inch

3/8 inch

3/4 inch

1 1/2 inch



1/110 1/40 1/10
2 1/440 1/185 1/50 1/15
3 1/550 1/160 1/65 1/20
4 1/680 1/195 1/75 1/25
5 1/825 1/235 1/80 1/30
6 1/1000 1/295 1/90 1/35

To decrease speed of shutter release tension of spring by pushing escapement P back and forth.

Taylor & Hobson Ltd. Leicester- London and New York.

Suggestions for exposures with the Auto Graflex Junior.

Group 1


Portraits near Window

Bright and Clear

1/35   5,6


1/10     4,5


1/5    4,5

Group 2

Slight movement

Portraits Landscapes

In Shade

1/90    5,6

In Open

1/130   8

In Shade

1/60    4,5

In Open

1/90   6,3

In Open

1/75    4,5

Group 3

Average Movements

Street scenes Pedestrians

1/160      8

1/160    6,3

1/160      5,6

Group 4

Brisk Movement

Children Playing Autos

1/330           8

1/330     6,3

1/330 5,6

Group 5

Rapid Movement

Athletics Racing

1/450    8

1/1000    5,6

1/450    1/1000

6,3       4,5

1/450     1/1000




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