Murer & Duroni


Murer's Express SL Newness Falling Plate Box Camera for 12 plates 9 x 12 cm


This is the front of the Murer & Duroni, or shall we say the Gaumont?
The camera is a look a like or even more of the French "Gaumont" camera, which on its turn is a look a like of the "Carmen" made by Hüttig Dresden.
There are only minor differences between these cameras.



Falling plate box camera with Guillotine Shutter Pose 1/50 - 1/200. 



With the guillotine shutter removed, one has a good view to the close up lenses 1, 31/2 and 6 meter. 

A smooth working mechanism brings the plates one by one in the right position for exposure, by pushing the lever on the right side of the camera forward. After shooting-exposure- the exposed plate is safely brought to the bottom of the box, at the same time the new unexposed plate is brought into position. To complete the action, a counter on the back shows the numbers 12 to 0, telling how many photos are yet to be exposed.


"Bois de noyer composé de 3 epaisseurs a fils croises!"

The camera body was made out of 3 layers of nut plywood which is a composite wood substance
consisting of layers of wood glued together with the grain in alternate layers at an angle
  to give the plywood more resistance for heavy use

To get the best results you have to take care for the lens and keep it clean.

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